Bushcraft Demos

Over the weekend we will have a selection of demos and tutorials from some of our favourite international and local pitmasters and chefs.

Billycan Cheese Stake is a Living Wilderness Special this is our version of a Philly cheese steak with thin sliced beef cooked on a hot rock in the fire mixed with onions herbs and spices browned off in a billycan over the fire then baked by the fire in its own bannock spiced with chilly black pepper and sun-dried tomato. If you can lay your hands on some venison it would be great for this.

Pannising fish is where we show people how to fillet a whole fish and cook it over a camp fire in the most primitive of ways with out pots and pans, With an ancient technique using some simple sticks to hold it in the heat and smoke over the fire.

Fire By Friction is the oldest and most primitive way of making fire, rubbing sticks together. This is where it all started!

Bannock is a campfire bread originating in Scotland but made famous by the ‘voyageurs’ the fir trappers in wilds of Canada back in its hay day

Pit Spuds are a version of baked potatoes in a campfire that is probably as old as campfires themselves. No tinfoil no messing just cooked in the earth beneath the fire for 2-3 hours and come out tasting better than any spud you’ve ever had

Smores are an old favourite for cooking with kids around a camp fire a sweet treat thats toasted over the camp fire and great to get the kids involved

Traditional Jerky is one of the oldest ways to preserve meat and also makes an incredibly tasty snack/meal that lasts. We will be building a simple smoke tent on the first day and each morning we will put in freshly marrinated meat which will be made in the afternoon demo the day before to have it ready for the last evening demo all going well and if not for the following day.

Chinchi Bordunchi is our take on a traditional Basques dish which is a type of kebab cooked on a skewer over the hot coals and then toasted in a wrap and garnished to taste. This is another Living Wilderness Special and never fails to please


A full timetable will follow soon