Chefs & Restaurants

Angie Mar & The Beatrice Inn

Billy Durney & Hometown BBQ

David Carter Smokestak UK

Grainne O’ Keefe & Clanbrassil House

Matt Williams — Oxford Charcoal

Jess Murphy — Kai, Galway

Paul Flynn & The Tannery

Robin Gill & The Dairy

Fingal Ferguson

Nick Solares – The Meat Show &


Hilary O’Hagan Brennan

John Relihan

Rama Basilio – Asado Champion, Buenos Aires

Andy Low ‘n’ Slow Birmingham

Nick Weston & Hunter Gather Cook UK

Mario Portella — Churrascada, Brazil

Andy Noonan Baste / Big Grill / Fowl Play

Mark O’Brien

Jack May

Fowl Play


Kinara Kitchen

Box Burger

Hot Wing, Chilli and Burger Challenges

Thanks to our Festival Partners

Craft Beer, Cider, Wine & Spirits

Schweppes 1783

Dingle Gin

Fransican Well


Pilsner Urquell

The Bridge 1859



The White Hag

Metalman Brewing

Irishtown Brewing Co.

Scotts Cider

8 Degrees

O’ Haras

Hope Beer

Rye River

Black Donkey

Dot Brew


Hellfire Brew Club

Boyne Brewhouse

Kinnegar Brewing

Dan Kelly’s Cider

Wicklow Brewery

Trouble Brewing

Wicklow Wolf

McKenna Guides


“The Great and the Good of the Grill came to Herbert Park in Dublin in August, propelling this inspired celebration of fire and eating into the first division of food festivals in Ireland. There was so much good cooking going on that it was hard to know where to start, and where to stop. And it’s all happening again in August, so get your Whole Hog tickets now.”

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